Barnett’s Creek Schoolyard (circa 1910)

Barnett\'s Creek Schoolyard (circa 1910)

Barnett’s Creek Schoolyard
Johnson County, Kentucky
(photograph circa 1910, probably by Norman Stapleton)

This photograph is labelled ‘Aunt Lizzie, Grandma, and Flora’ and ‘Schoolyard at Barnett’s Creek’. I’ve dated the picture because of the age of the small boy. The building in the background isn’t the school, this should be the United Baptist Church that my family belonged to since the early 1800s. My mother’s elderly cousin told me that the school and church faced each other and shared the same yard.

If I’ve got my bearings right, these folks were standing in the road. I love ‘before and after’ pictures and hope to return to this very spot and take a current one. My favorite part of this picture would be the hoods that the ladies in the background are wearing.

The Corps of Engineers took all the family land for a big lake. In February 2002, Mark Pennington and I parked in front of this church and climbed the hill looking for the old family house sites. During this trip, we talked a bit about doing a project where you would take one picture every single day for a year. Neither one of us had heard of a photoblog.

Maybe I’ll get Mark to return with me and I’ll dress him in a long dress with a hood and we’ll reenact the above picture.