Crime Scene in Central Park, Ashland Kentucky

Crime Scene in Central Park, Ashland Kentucky.jpg

Central Park
Ashland, Kentucky

January in Kentucky is supposed to include cold weather and snow, not 60 degree weather with incessant rain. The picture above is the last one from my Thanksgiving weekend archives. It was a cold Friday morning when my son and I ran across this scene in our local park.

Looking at it, there was no question that someone had either forgotten their diaper bag or else had it snatched away when they weren’t looking. The 2nd person apparently sat on the bench and took their time going through each item in the bag. The digicam case was empty. I took a few shots then called the police, who wasn’t all that interested in it but then what could he do?

There’s two stories to be told with this scene, both from different perspectives. I think I’d find more interest in the 2nd one.