1930’s Wallpaper

1930\'s Wallpaper

Greenbo Lake State Resort Park
Greenup County, Kentucky

This is the remnants of how the farm family insulated their walls in the 1930s. When I first discovered the old farmhouse in the 1970s, it had been vacant for about 25 years but the ‘wallpaper’ was very much readable.

I remember spending long periods of time standing in their former living room and reading about the news of long ago in Ironton, Ohio and Greenup County newspapers that were plastered on the walls. During that period (and up into the 1950s), most of the farm families of this area were full-time subsistence farmers. They grew what they needed, sold and swapped for anything else, and occasionally did other odd jobs such as iron ore or coal digging. The old iron ore diggings can be found on the top of the nearby ridges and can be recognized as resembling very large ditches, though big trees are now growing in and around them.