Pete’s Hotdogs

Pete\'s Hotdogs

Ripley, West Virginia

Over the past few days, I took a short trip through parts of Ohio and West Virginia. It rained during our first day of driving but the weather happened to clear up just about time for a late lunch.

I’ve been a faithful follower of the West Virginia Hotdog blog for quite some time now and you might remember some photos that I posted awhile back when I had a WV hotdog at Hillbilly Hotdogs in Huntington. Well, when the weather cleared, we were again in the mood for an authentic West Virginia Hotdog and took the next interstate exit in hopes of finding a true hotdog joint, not a Dairy Queen.

Ripley was our next exit and after driving a few miles, we came across Pete’s Hotdogs. I love to eat at local restaurants and one of my gauges is how many cars are in the parking lot. For Pete’s, there was a constant stream of folks picking up hotdogs at the drive-through window, which is good enough for me.

Inside, the restaurant was really small- in fact, I would have loved to use my fisheye to photograph the dining room but I haven’t gotten a replacement since adopting out my trusty Pentax to Mike Adkins. The dining area was made up of only about 4 tables. We ordered up 4 hotdogs with 2 of them being authentic West Virginia style while two of them were ‘exotics’ (one being a nacho cheese dog). According to the WV Hotdog blog, a real WV dog comes with slaw, onions, sauce, and mustard on a steamed bun and wrapped up instead of being in a ‘boat’ like we serve here in Kentucky.

When I opened my WV dogs, I knew I had read about this place on the WV Hotdog blog. How many times have you ran across a hotdog served upside down (with the sauce and toppings under the weiner)? To tell you the truth, I was pretty disappointed when I opened it up. There didn’t appear to be much in the way of toppings and the whole thing looked pretty anemic to me. The first impression couldn’t have been further from the truth. This is definitely one of the top 3 hotdogs that I’ve ever eaten and to be truthful, it was probably because it had a touch of slaw on it, which is something that I usually leave off.