Op’s Cabin, Fall 2008

Op\'s Cabin, Fall 2008

Jesse Stuart State Nature Preserve
Greenup County, Kentucky

Now is the perfect time to take a hike at the nature preserve. A week or two ago, the local state park had a Jesse Stuart weekend and it looks like all the trails were mowed and new maps put out at the trailhead. Our hike was really interesting, we found another grove of Paw Paw trees, some wild grapes (not sure if they are edible?), and some Persimmon trees, which won’t be ripe until after a really good frost. I might have some photos of those later on. We also walked upon a Ruffed Grouse, which makes the 2nd one that I’ve seen this fall.

Op’s Cabin was the inspiration for several of Jesse Stuart’s stories, as well as being his writing cabin at times (so I’ve been told).