Snow in Ashland’s Central Park

Snow in Ashland\'s Central Park

Central Park
Ashland, Kentucky

The snow has been exceptionally beautiful this week, so I dropped by the park to photograph this row of lovely older homes that I once shot in black and white.

We have thousands of residents without electricity and the kids have had a long break from school. On Tuesday night, Garrison Keillor gave a performance at the Paramount and it was wonderful. The weather was terrible and we thought he would cancel but evidently Minnesota toughens you up to the weather.

The show went on as planned and he has even schedule another show for April because many in the sold out audience could not make it. As he said, ‘a show for those who had the good sense to stay home.’

My son and I often take driving/photography trips in the summer and Garrison comes along on CD. After the show, Garrison autographed my son’s program and was kind and gracious by chatting some and asking him about his plans for the future.