Stella’s Kentucky Deli #

Stella\'s Kentucky Deli #

Stella’s Kentucky Deli
Lexington, Kentucky
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When I visit a new restaurant, I always ask the server a couple basic questions. What do you like here? What dish are you known for? What is most popular? Beyond getting some knowledge about the food , you find out a bit about the management of the place. Not long ago, Mike Adkins and I were in a West Virginia town where the server said she had never eaten any of the food and didn’t have any idea. The food reflected the training the manager had provided her, that being inattention.

Stella’s Deli was quite different, the waiter knew his stuff and explained the food was made from locally supplied products. He knew the ingredients, even down to the amount of butter that was in my cup of tomato bisque. The restaurant is extremely small, being not more than an old corner bar that was converted to a restaurant. I would say there are no more than a half dozen tables inside, plus the bar and an outside seating area. I had the lamb burger and tomato bisque soup while Dennis had the Fried Green Tomato BLT and Mike tried the Big D Local Brat sandwich. If you like to try small hidden gems that serve food that is a little out of the ordinary, you can’t go wrong with Stella’s. I quite enjoyed myself.