Stella’s Kentucky Deli

Stella\'s Kentucky Deli

Stella’s Kentucky Deli
Lexington, Kentucky

Have you ever heard the routine of the stand up comic Lewis Black where he talks about being in a restaurant (an IHOP, I believe) when a young woman who is at the table next to him says ‘If it wasn’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college….’. It is so puzzling that it drives him mad with all the possibilities that could explain the sentence. It gets in his head and he can’t give it up.

He says, ‘So your brain goes, ‘LET’S FIGURE IT OUT! Son of a bitch! I wonder what that’s about!’ I wonder, was she riding the horse to school? No, she wouldn’t be riding the horse to school. Maybe it was a polo pony; she had a polo pony scholarship. Maybe she sold the horse and that’s how she – she was betting on the horse! WHAT THE @*#! ?!! And then you realize that anybody who went to college would never say anything that stupid in public. And as soon as you have that thought, your eyes close and the next morning they find you dead in your bathroom.’

So it is the same with my photograph above. The fellow on the right has a shirt with 10 answers on the back and I meant to ask to see the front but I forgot. What does it mean? I’ve come up with several possibilities, but I keep coming back to Lewis Black. We will never know.

Here’s the answers from the back of his shirt:


1. $70,000
2. $10,000
3. 100 acres
4. The Cabbage palm tree
5. Yes, we live here
6. Channel marker 60
7. Potato Salad or Cole Slaw
8. Underwater cable.
9. Well water
10. Thru the bar on the left.

I may have more photos of Stella’s later, the food was fantastic for 2 out of 3 of us. Locally grown and unique.