Patriots’ Path

Patriots\' Path

Woodland Cemetery
Ironton, Ohio

I decided on a very warm yellow tone for this one, I hope you like it. Still no chance to get out and photograph, so I’m working from the images taken when I had coffee with David last week.

The cemetery has an overlook with this nice brick walkway that leads to what I have always called a couple of ‘canons’. When I was reading the memoirs of General Sherman, he mentioned using Parrot guns during a campaign and I thought that name rang a bell, I had to drop off some photos at the Ironton newspaper for Mike Adkins and afterward made a quick stop at the cemetery to confirm that the canons were actually Parrot rifles and not smooth bore canons that I had always thought them to be.

So a few days later, David and I drank a pot of coffee at a local place and then swung by for some photos and to give them a close up study. I’ll post a couple of shots this week, along with a few other photos from the cemetery and the archives. I hope we can all make it to next spring again, with the time change and all. It’ll be a long haul.