At Imel’s Greenhouse

At Imel\'s Greenhouse

We had some business to do today and covered a lot of ground. The last stop was at Imel’s Greenhouse where I shot this flower with my I-Phone. Its a really nice place for flowers. Earlier in the day, we tried an interesting restaurant that served ethnic cuisine (which I won’t name as it is the only one around here of its kind). If you’ve followed this blog over the years, you’ll know that I like to sample small diners and privately owned restaurants that I stumble across. Well, we had a nice meal with good conversation and it wasn’t until we were walking across the parking lot that I said the food was pretty bad. Possibly for the first time, I heard the comment from my father that the food was the worse he had eaten in his entire life, even worse than served during the Korean War. For me, I just hoped to not get sick over it. Hahahaha! (and I didn’t even get a shot there).