Leaves, September 2011

Leaves, September 2011
Carter Caves State Resort Park
Carter County, Kentucky

I run a weekly photo challenge for the local camera club. The challenge for the week is to pick a natural area (or your backyard, it\’s your choice) and take a photowalk to capture nature photographs. One trip, one time, no going back then show the best ones. This is my first one, I think I was able to get a few decent shots though not too many. New music today: the soundtrack from the movie Drive and it is really good. I don\’t usually like soundtracks or electronic style music. Most of the tracks are by Cliff Martinez, a former drummer for Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Carter Caves is a state park not far from home and we\’ve used it for sort of a sanctuary of escape this year. The trails are new to us and we\’ve taken short walks and discovered new areas. I like leaves and so each fall I look for odd ones to photograph and odd patterns. I was tempted to rearrange these but have you ever noticed that the natural arrangement can\’t usually be duplicated.?

“I\’ve tried to become someone else for a while,
only to discover that he, too, was me.”

Stephen Dunn