Tony\’s Bowl

Tony\'s Bowl

I was trying to work out some lighting in the kitchen and was ready to delete these blooper bowl photos when I remembered the story behind it. Back when I was young and not too bright (as opposed to being the same but old), I thought I could do just about anything. We had this dead tree near the house and so called up a friend and said come over and lets cut down this tree. The crucial thing is this friend had a chain saw and could climb a tree, I didn\’t and couldn\’t.

So we made our plans that included hooking my truck up to the tree with a rope or else the tree might fall through the porch roof if the aim wasn\’t good. We got \’er hooked up but then realized we couldn\’t hear each other and I wouldn\’t know when to jerk with the truck so the tree would fall the right way. So, enter the wife as the 3rd player. I guess it\’s a built in thing with men to use sign language on the job but maybe not so with women. The chain saw was buzzing loudly while I sat at the wheel just waiting to give a gentle tug with the truck at the right time when I hear the wife shouting \’no, no, no, no….\’ That had me confused and so I was saying \’What?\’ and the \’no\’ was now frantic. I saw the tree falling the wrong way and realized that she was actually shouting \’Go, go, go, go!\’ instead of \’no\’.

A big jerk from the truck brought the tree right into the middle of the wife\’s ornamental pussy willow tree but spared the roof. The poor truck bumper was bent into a big upside down V shape. This willow had lived its last season.  Another friend sawed and picked up the wood and turned this bowl for me as a remembrance of the event. I now hire things done.