Dad’s Tulips

Dad\'s Tulips

I’m going to be at the meeting of the Ohio Valley Camera Club on Thursday night. Come on out, we should have a good meeting and maybe have dinner afterwards if anyone is up to it. This shot is my father’s tulips, he’s proud of them and kept saying I should take a photograph while they are in bloom. That fulfills the obligatory spring tulip photograph. I’ve been squeezing in some shots with a loaner lens, a Canon EF 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 DO IS USM, and I can’t say I’ve ever ran across anything like it. The owner said he has taken exactly one good photograph with it and that was the one that he snapped when trying out the lens. All others have been soft, quite disturbing for $1,100 lens. Soft is not the word, I can’t hardly describe it. Maybe ghostly. Inherently soft subjects, like this one, does OK with it. I’d like to love the lens, it is the right size, weight, and range. The lightest lens is the one that you leave at home because of no confidence, though, I’ve had some of those before.