Took some driving trips for photos but ended up with a comedy of errors, then missed the shot of the month. On Saturday, I thought I’d drive up to a kettle lake that I know of in Ohio and look for some shots.

Kettle ponds or lakes were formed in the glacial times when the glacier receded and covered up a big chunk of ice (speaking in simple terms). The ice melted and formed a natural lake in the depression.

We used to bicycle ride in the area when younger. I think they moved this particular kettle lake or else my memory is not doing as good as it used to be. It happened to be 2 hours further away than the spot I drove to. We made a good try at it but never got there.

Up on a small country road, I was stopped at a ‘T’ in the road while looking at the I-Phone maps and looked up to see this gigantic farm tractor coming down the road. The wheels barely fit on either side of the road. My passenger exclaimed ‘Boy….we could drive under that thing….’. The farmer was intent of not pulling over and it was moving at a good clip so I felt like an insect flying away at top speed. Just like out of Star Wars. Soon after, I remembered the camera was within arms reach.

Hope the week goes well for both of us.