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Iron City Bikes

Huntington, West Virginia

I googled the name on the jersey and I believe this fellow belongs to a bike racing team from Pittsburgh.

I used to bike a fair amount and took a couple long range non-supported bike trips but its been so long that much of the gear now looks foreign to me. Still, there’s nothing like riding a fast bike.

A number of years ago I went to Virginia with Tony Boyd and his son and we rode around Five Mile Mountain. My son and I were on our tandem and the back side of the loop was all downhill.

Our speedometer topped out over 55mph and stayed that way for a long long time. It felt like sky diving, at least how I suspect it would feel like, all quiet and smooth with nothing to hear but the roar of the wind rushing by. Very exhilarating. I doubt I’d do it over again consider the danger involved.