Portsmouth Mural Walk

Portsmouth Mural Walk

Portsmouth, Ohio

We had some amazing weather this weekend, even down in the low 30s with some gardeners reporting a heavy frost in parts of the countryside.  I had a bit of time free Sunday evening and took a walk in Portsmouth during the warm evening light.  The town is situated just perfectly for fall photography when the evening shadows lengthen out and look nice.  The orientation seems to allow the nice light to hang just a big longer than other places in our area.  The walk was very nice and I ran across a couple on a motorcycle who recommended the pizza at a place called The Brewery (actually I think the name is The Portsmouth Brewing Company).  They had ridden down a couple hours south for the pizza that he called "the best around…excellent…and half price on Sundays."   I had the house specialty of Ranch Chicken Pizza that uses a homemade ranch sauce in place of pizza sauce, made with a couple types of cheese, grilled chicken, bacon, a crispy thin crust, with a taste that hints being fixed in a brick over.  It was certainly a great pizza and my bill was an unbelievable $4.50.  Won\’t find that in many places.

The mural (in the background above) is what we believe to be a self portrait of the muralist Robert Dafford.


 "The island gives you what you need."

John Locke
television show "Lost"