Building #3

Building #3

Along U.S. 23 in southern Ohio

I shot this one from a moving car, I don\’t get a chance to sight-see with the camera much anymore so it was a treat.  You might notice a slight texture added to the image, thought it might go with the softness well.  This is from the farmland in southern Ohio in the flat zone prior to where the glaciers stopped.  Really nice place to grow corn but slowly succumbing to development.

The trip was to view the Annie Leibovitz gallery show in Columbus, Ohio.  It was so enjoyable I plan to go back another day soon if I find some other folks to go along. I was surprised about a couple of things, the first being the huge number of prints.  Easily over 200 prints with most of them printed rather large.  It covers about 3 levels of the gallery space and seems to be arranged chronologically.   The lower prints come from her time as photographer with The Rolling Stone and I think I\’m right in saying most of these are gritty black and white prints of well known (and famous) folks.  As you move through the other space, the prints become color and of more recent years with the final area being her Pilgrammage shots that are more like what I love to shoot, meaning scenes, objects, and still life photos that you "find" in your daily travels.  In this case, her travels were through the homes and buildings of iconic figures in the field of music, writing, politics, etc.    I want to return to the exhibition just to look at these prints again.  You can read more at the New York Times.


“I hate to think that all my current experiences
will someday become stories with no point.”

Bill Watterson,
Calvin and Hobbes: It\’s a Magical World