Walkway at the Wexner Center

Walkway at the Wexner Center

The walkway at the Wexner Center of the Arts, Columbus Ohio
The floor at Wendy\’s (restaurant), Ironton Ohio (layered for texture and color)

 I don\’t suppose I do many composite photographs here.  This one was shot with the I-Phone when I visited the Wexner Center to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibit.  The walkway was an eye catcher for anyone.  On another day, I was eating chili at Wendy\’s in southern Ohio and liked the color and lines of the floor and snapped that picture.  This one above is a composite of the two, layered and blended on the I-Phone.   I added some lens flare with the app LensLight then some scratches and the Fiber Mount frame from the app PictureShow.  Then slightly burned the little guy and floor down with PS curves.  Not that knowing this makes the shot any better, just that I might want to remember it later.

Rainy weekend, but suppose you know that already.  Enjoyed some family and friend time this past weekend, managed to visit, have coffee, desert, or dine with several of them over the past few days.  Honestly, I love the feeling of the cool rain when walking a downtown sidewalk to meet someone for coffee.  Has a much better feel to it than a hot summer day.  Hunker down, the storm will pass soon.


"No scary costumes please."

Sign in nursing home