Dad in the JFK booth at Jim\’s Steak and Spaghetti

Dad in the JFK booth at Jim\'s Steak and Spaghetti

Jim\’s Steak and Spaghetti
Huntington, West Virginia

We drove to Huntington for an appointment today and made a lunch stop at the nearly-historic Jim\’s restaurant in the downtown area.  The place is iconic and never changes, even the help stays for decades.   See their website here for more history, they have been serving food since 1938. I\’ve shot it twice for this blog:  here in color photo from 2005 and here in black and white.

"The way you live your life is not determined by what
happens to you, but by how you react to what happens.
You are not defined by what life brings to you, but
rather by the attitude you bring in life."

Intro to the book "Oz to Kansas, almost
every black and white conversion technique
known to man"

Vincent Versace