Pawn shop car

Pawn shop car

Ashland, Kentucky

Out early on a Sunday for coffee to visit with an old friend.   If you like rainy days (which I do), this morning was nearly perfect.  I was out early before the usual breakfast place was open so took a short drive to the donut shop for some of their superb coffee.  To get there, I took a detour up some alleys and made note that the dumpster divers don’t let the early hours or the rain slow down their work.

This car has become sort of a mascot for the Pawn Shop and I had previously shot it with the Iphone Hipstamatic, if I remember it right.   It was a pretty good day with a drive to southern Ohio and grabbed some shots of an old church that I photographed with Mark Pennington a few years ago.  I’ll review them and see what turns up, I hope one of them, at least,  should be interesting enough.

“Anger cannot  win, it cannot even think clearly.”

Dwight Eisenhower
(pg 65 of the Stephen Ambrose book
“Eisenhower: Soldier and President”)