A couple week ago, I was invited to accompany Mike Adkins on a photo trip.  Mike described it as photographing “a costume maker”, one that he said made some of the most fabulous creations I would ever see.  Mike was absolutely right, however I would describe Dale Morton and his assistant Travis Morton as being true artists in every sense of the phrase.

The photograph above is Frankenstein, though the creation is very early in the design if I understand it correctly.   The sculpture will progress with further details and once finished, it will form the mold to make a flexible mask.  The head is formed from an oil-based clay that never hardens and so can be worked and shaped easily, however is also easily destroyed during its ultimate use as the mold.    Dale and Travis also design and make custom mascots for businesses, universities, or anyone in need.

The final image here is a lot lighter than the color of the clay and this, to me, emphasizes the eyes and the nature of the character depicted in the sculpture.   So, in a way, it is a derivative work.


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