Jen\’s Bike

Jen\'s Bike

Sort of a disappointing image to end the week with but maybe I\’ll find something this weekend a bit better.  This is the stem of a modern adult bicycle.  Looking through the bookstore magazines, it\’s easy to be surprised by the review that has the $999 price tag attached.  But you feel just a bit better when the next bike reviewed tops out at over $5,000.   Bicycles seem ever so much like cameras anymore, hard to believe the price.  Having not picked one up for decades, I was surprised when this one seemed to be light as a feather.  It also flies with little effort, bringing a quick grin to your face.   This morning I finished watching the Netflix documentary on the photographer Bill Cunningham who worked for the New York Times, being the fashion photographer who worked NYC events but also relied heavily on photographing fashion on the sidewalks.  You wouldn\’t know it from these pages, but I\’m a long time fan of fashion photography.  But getting back to today\’s shot, I spied it on the way out today because I was thinking what Bill Cunningham said about his bicycle.  It was his primary mode of transportation for his photography and I\’ve been thinking about buying a new one for the very same purpose, as well as fun and exercise.  Bill said he was on his 29th cycle, with the other 28 being stolen.  That\’s amazing but understandable in NYC where most are probably stolen just to give a lift across town.  Have a good weekend.

"He who seeks beauty will find it."

Bill Cunningham
(from the documentary Bill Cunningham, New York.
seek it out on Netflix and watch it.  It\’s darn good,
as Bill would say.)