Along U.S. 23 in Ohio

Along U.S. 23 in Ohio

(shot from a moving car, so apologies for the inherent problems that causes).  Watched a really good photography-related documentary on Netflix called Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman.  The film was made just prior to the death of Shulman who lived from 1910 to 2009 and is widely known for his architectural photography.

The film is much more than a movie about photography or even the life of Julius Shulman himself as it details many of the important architects of Modern era such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra.   Shulman has a very interesting, relaxed on-camera persona that makes the film very enjoyable, not to mention the lovely photography that it shows.

The film crew returns to many of the structures with Shulman and they talk about the photography and the buildings themselves while often having conversations with the owners and architects , many of them well up in years.

If you have interest in architectural photography or just an appreciation of building design in general, I think you’d love film.  You can find it on Netflix streaming or else you can search YouTube for Visual Acoustics and find the film available in 5 different segments.

“In a way, you CAN stop time.”

Julius Shulman
Visual Acoustics, 2008