On the streets of Portsmouth

On the streets of Portsmouth

Portsmouth, Ohio

I was out this evening for burgers at Irish Pub in Portsmouth, Ohio and caught this scene while leaving the restaurant.  The evening light is exceptional in Portsmouth and you can see the sun reflecting off some of the downtown windows in this shot.

I’ve finished up a year with the hybrid car with most all of the driving being local roads.  The fuel usage of the year comes out to be about 275 gallons vs about 650ish gallons that the old car would have needed.  Not any problems at all, fun to drive and plenty of room for us.  I’m usually impossible to satisfy but I’d buy another one just like it, though I’d try for the leather seats next time.

 “Certitudes do not exist.  There is not one field, one specialization, that is destined for you.  Chances are that you are not great at anything; most of us are just average, ordinary.  Life’s early peregrinations willy-nilly land us onto an unexpected habitable patch in the mud of everydayness.  That’s where you get to work; you till, sow, build, and procreate right there.  You might occasionally notice that life seems easier, more glamorous, more rewarding somewhere else, but you ignore the fantasy.  You dig deeper, plant more, where you are.

That’s it.

Bill Jay (photographer & writer)
LensWork #83 (The Bill Jay’s Best of Endnotes Issue)