Time is….

Time is....

First ear of corn today, it\’s too early to pick for the table but just right for enjoying a few young ears while standing in the garden.  Also picked the first tomato of the variety "Dolly Parton", I need not explain what it looks like.   I think it should sit a day or so before enjoying it.   Today, I played with high speed flash in recreating some sunflower shots from the last few years but I need to work with it longer.  One self-improvement project is to use the flash regularly this year, mainly in fill-flash and creative manual flash photographs.  Technology gunks up everything, high speed flash seems more complicated than my old simple Nikon D40 that would sync at a pretty good shutter when the speed-light was powered down a bit.


“If you want a happy ending,
that depends, of course, on
where you stop your story.”

Orson Welles