Helicopter Gas Cap

Helicopter Gas Cap

Greenup War Memorial
Greenup County, Kentucky

Last weekend, I drove a friend around to a few of the local areas where I\’ve photographed over the years.  Though not particularly rich in pretty photography, we had a relaxing day in search of photographs of the mundane and commonplace items of the community.  We visited cemeteries, parks, and memorials all within about an hour from home.  I\’ve often photographed the helicopter at the Greenup Memorial and no doubt thousands drive past without giving it much thought but my photography companion for the day had actually flown on one of these Huey helicopters during the conflict in Vietnam.   Mike says it was the "taxi" of the battlefield.

Making some progress on figuring out my upcoming "bicycle to fitness" self improvement project. hahaha!

"…[it] was a GREAT road except for the usual suspects on
their way to Wal-Mart.  It\’s never a good idea to get between
a populated area and a Wal-Mart"

Facebook Status Update on a
local bicycle club ride