Honey Select Corn 2013

Honey Select Corn 2013

We\’ve been busy this week with the backyard garden.  You might remember my garden effort from last year produced a corn patch that resembled Charlie Brown\’s Christmas tree- I don\’t think we got an ear from them because of the drought.   This year our garden was a family project, my wife and I planted it at my fathers while he was recuperating from surgery.  He gave guidance then later worked some in it as part of his recovery.  We had a lot of rain this year and more importantly it rained at all the right times.  This week, all of us, along with my sister, jumped in and froze 57 quarts of Honey Select corn and then last night we picked and shucked a wheelbarrow more and my wife is making 2 dozen jars of pickled corn.  The cucumbers, beans, and tomatoes are now coming on pretty good.  The garden has a lot of meaning to it, it is on the corner of what used to be my grandfathers farm, where my father was born, and on land where he helped raise corn while a teenager.  He has had a garden on this same spot nearly every year since 1957 and he is now entering his 80th year.  While shucking corn last night, he remarked that in all of his years he has never witnessed corn such as this.  "Some have 4 ears per stalk…", he said.

This Honey Select variety is a hybrid that was an award winner in 2001.  Each ear contains mostly kernels known as the "sugary enriched" while about one-fourth of the total number of kernels are of the "super-sweet" variety.  The combination gives a good mix of sweetness, crunchiness, and storing ability.  These were left over seeds from years ago and really produced some of the best tasting corn we have ever grown, probably has a lot to do with all the rain.  Not a drop of spray or dust had to be used this year.

(Info on the image:  I shot it with the I-phone native camera in available light and then cropped and adjusted in Lightroom, shooting for reality)


 "Everyone has failed, everyone has misspoken, everyone has meant
well but done the wrong thing.  Your favorite restaurants, cafes, and
books have all gotten a one-start review along the way.  No brand is
perfect, no individual can pretend to be either.

Perfect can\’t possibly be the goal, we\’re left with generous, important
and human instead."

Seth Godin
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