at the Fatima shrine

at the Fatima shrine

Our Lady of Fatima Shrine
Ironton, Ohio

Here\’s another I-phone shot from the recent stop at the Fatima shrine.  This one is an adulterated Hipstamatic image taken into Lightroom for dodging/burning, and conversion to BW. I left this version neutral in tone, I have a yellow one that I liked but the noise seemed to be more obvious in it.  I have never been a fan of the Hipstamatic oval frame and the world seems to agree, I don\’t see that many examples of it.  Having said that, I look at these oval masks and wonder if we have opinions that are just victims of following the crowd.


Perhaps all this is so much B.S. and there are no
real answers.The late Bill Jay advised us:  “Beware of
these two fallacies of photographic appreciation:

You like a photograph because you think/have been told it is good.
You think a photograph is good because you like it.”

(from an interview I did with Fred Huff,
a member of our local photography club OVCC)

(full text found here)