Russell Railyard with the Hipstamatic

Russell Railyard with the Hipstamatic

Russell, Kentucky

 While restoring the images from July 2010, I ran across an interesting bit of writing where I mentioned the association of the Framingham Study with the understanding of how mental and physical changes are spread between us.  The Framingham Study is often referred to in medical research as it was a long term study of an entire town, or most of it.  Read my 2010 entry here.

An interesting couple of coincidences, the news reports that a recent online photo contest was won with a photo that soon was proven to have been stolen.  Seems there is no forgiveness for such as thing, once a thief always a thief and all of that.  So, I was looking through my older shots for my site restoration project (forced upon me with the Expressions shutdown of my old images) and I ran across a nice photo made with the Hipstmatic.  So I prepped it for posting and then thought that I really need to remember where I shot it at, must have been at a museum as it was a sculpture of a large foot.  That\’s my type of subject matter, I shoot a lot of my wife\’s pottery and things found in galleries, then most often post it with at least reflection to the place it was photographed and often the artist if I noted it.  With this blog platform, I usually tag it with the Style of Derivative Art since the photo subject was the art of another person.  Well, I could not remember where this big foot came from.  My next step is to look for sequentially numbered shots that would have been taken before and after the suspect image, in the big-foot-photo it was an import from the I-phone and I had to track down the batch.  Lo and behold, it appeared the big foot photo was something I had snapped out of a magazine to show someone.  Yes I had taken the photo but no it was not my photograph.   So I think the moral of the story is that we all shoot things with our phone and take screen shots to remember things but it is certainly probable that either ourselves or those who inherit our photographic files will someday make a mistake and consider a shot to be ours when it isn\’t.  The exif data may reflect that you had shot the photo whenever the photo itself may have been copied in an art gallery or magazine.  It is difficult to recover from a proven act of art thievery, even if by accident.


 “Those who dance are considered insane
by those who cannot hear the music.”

George Carlin