Arthur Rothstein and Marion Post Wolcott

Arthur Rothstein and Marion Post Wolcott

University of Kentucky Museum of Art
Lexington, Kentucky

In this scene, the middle photograph is “Fleeing a Dust Storm” by Arthur Rothstein.  He was a photographer with the Farm Security Administration (FSA) that photographed the country during the depression era.

This is a well known photograph, critically some have said it isn’t that good of a composition but we thought it was one of the better ones of the show.  Supposedly, Rothstein either “tweaked” it at best or else totally staged it, at worst.  The subjects are leaning while they walk to communicate their toil with the weather and the composition seems to suggest the building is occupied, though a close look at it shows the door has not been opened in a long while, nor could it ever be without a good bit of shoveling.  Still, it is a great photograph to view in person.

The photograph on the right is “Wagons deliver tobacco to barn on Russell Spears farm, near Lexington, Kentucky” by Marion Post Wolcott.  Her photographs, taken as a collection, seem to be my most favorite from the FSA project.  She photographed in West Virginia during the same time period, as well as spending a month in the Lexington Kentucky area.

I believe the photograph on the left is a Walker Evans shot, though my notes are sort of jumbled at that point.