Pottery face, April 2014

Pottery face, April 2014

Pendleton Art Center
Ashland, Kentucky

Spent the evening at the Pendleton, the pottery studio is getting an update with new work tables and I helped put things together.

I’ve not written up much of a formal review but I’d have to say that the small Canon Sl1 with the 10-22 Canon lens is just about one of the finest combinations I’ve ever used. I’ve recently been using the live-view “tap and shoot” routine where you frame up your composition on the LCD and then tap a focus point on the screen.  The mirror flips for a focus confirmation and then the shutter fires, making it pretty easy to both frame up the composition and fire the shutter with minimal shake.  Also works very well when you want to hold at chest level or over the head.  A tilt down screen would be just perfect then you could shoot from waist level just like in the old days.

 “If I were two faced, would
I be wearing this one?”

Abraham Lincoln