Biking at Greenbo, outrunning the storm

Biking at Greenbo, outrunning the storm

Greenbo Lake State Resort Park
Greenup County, Kentucky

It’s the anniversary of this website, 11 years completed now.  There are a few earlier years still not restored to the archives but I’ll get to it eventually.  But first, about today’s image.

As you know, we have been subjected to storms and rain nearly every day.  The trails at Greenbo, however, have a reputation for drying fairly quickly, so I took the window of opportunity to ride the bike before the latest storms hit.  Had a great ride, about 7 miles with the first half being darker and sort of spooky, lots of spiders, whereas the last half was on the ridgetop and more uplifting.  Having hiked this park since a teenager and worked there for a few years, it always feels like home and lots of fun.

So, I don’t for a minute take for granted the health and ability of biking these trails without too many aches and pains.

I started this blog in 2004, not intending to go this long.  The original idea was to develop a visual daily journal with a community of family and friends as viewers, to foster discussions through comments.  That was the days before Facebook and the days before endless spam comments.   Didn’t turn out exactly as originally planned but perhaps better in other ways that I had not anticipated.  I’ve met really nice folks along the way and made long lasting friendships because of these pages.  Even more than that, the photography has given me a reason to look at the surroundings in another way and to be forced to pay attention when I wouldn’t have otherwise.   For a fellow who is full of many regrets, I am glad I have spent the time in doing this blog as the payback was well worth it.

Thanks for viewing.