On the elliptical

On the elliptical

We’ve first experienced a nice snowfall and now very mild weather, I’d take the snowfall any day.  If you like to hike or bike the trails, a good frozen base is much better than mud any day. So I stay home.  On the elliptical this week, which I think a good preacher could devise a very persuasive sermon in comparing the elliptical to an eternal time in a not so nice place.  Want to stretch a half hour and make it feel like hours on end?  The elliptical is your time bending device, as you know.

On my YouTube list, in the shot, is the video about Fred Lyon- the photographer I mentioned some time ago when I was admiring his black and white work.  Here is a great interview with him and to top it off, he talks about 10 of his images.


“Of course you need technique.  But that’s merely
the affairs of craftsmanship.  So don’t let it show
too much in your images.

It could get in the way of the content.”

Fred Lyon