Water tank and sky

Water tank and sky

An unexpected issue from doing this daily blog for so long, now about 12 years I believe, is incorporating into my internal dialog the many quotes that I’ve associated with the image entries.  Today a locally renowned man died here in Ashland, named George Wolfford.  He worked his long career as a newspaper reporter with the Ashland paper, but he was just as well known for his knowledge of local history.

When I heard the news, I thought to myself another library has burned down, thinking of the quote that the death of a person is like a huge library of books burning to ashes.  During my early years, I was a newspaper carrier for the paper, about 7 years or so.  Their market penetration, using a fancy word, was phenomenal back then.  In my neighborhood it would have topped 99% easily, so Mr. Wolfford had a great platform to become known in the community and to build trust, a couple of the most important aspects  for a local historian to possess in my opinion.

So it was a loss to everyone.   He seemed to have put all his years to great use, you can read some about it here.

” Young humans, hearken: do not your years
waste; there are fewer of them than it at first
seems, and they roar past like a freshet after rain.”

Mike Johnston, from today’s edition of
The Online Photographer