Athens, Ohio (from last fall)

My plan of spending much time outdoors has been foiled by mother nature, maybe I ought to bike ride with fancy umbrellas like this one.  During some moments of sleeplessness, I was replaying in my head the conversations I had with Tim Preston yesterday at lunch.  We spoke about how the main library of history for most communities always has been the local newspaper.

The digital era has changed this somewhat, often in a quite upsetting way.  I remembered that Kentucky has been (or still is) famous for teaching great photojournalism down in Bowling Green, so I googled to find more information.  What turned up was a very interesting history of Western Kentucky University students participating in the Mountain Workshops.  For 40 years, the program has sent students to communities to record with their cameras first the pictorial voice of the community then later the audio and video voice as well, and in the process  help the students find their voice of photojournalism.

This has given me thought about what our new photography group could do as projects for the future.