Danny on the fishing trip, about 1982

Danny on the fishing trip, about 1982

Here is an image from my past, about 1981 or 1982 I believe, an old Kodachrome simply placed on the phone screen and copied with the macro lens on the 5D2.

This week I lost a first cousin, I think that is the first for this generation of our family.  Growing up, I was within a short bike riding distance from over 2 dozen relatives.  I could stand out on the front porch and gaze over a field to an uncle and aunt’s farm and then turn to the right and see a house from another uncle and aunt. Danny grew up 2 doors up from me and lived his adult life 2 doors down from my boyhood home where my Dad still lives.   You take those things for granted.

This photo was from a Florida fishing trip taken soon after I graduated from college.  Danny and his wife were important to me during my college years, they helped me in many ways that they probably never realized.  It is funny how the memories of life are like commercials tucked away in your brain but missing the whole story.  I never remember us catching one fish during that trip, but it is a trip that I recollect to others quite often.

Growing up, my father kept old hunting and fishing magazines and we reread them all the time.  There was a particularly good article on a natural lake in Florida and I always wanted to go there.  So not long after graduation Danny says take a week off and we’ll go there to fish.  This was long before the internet so we just headed south with my old magazine.

After driving all night and sleeping some at interstate rest stops, we finally arrived at the destination but there was no lake to be seen.  What looked like an old bait shop was some sort of store and so I inquired. And will paraphrase based on my memory:   Yep, the lady said, “that  is the boat ramp.  Once night a sink hole came and sucked the whole lake away, look out there and you can see what’s left.  They say it will return someday just like it went away.”   So a thousand mile drive for dry lake.

Our grandparents moved to Florida from the family farm in the late 1950s, so neither of us were strangers to the central part of the state.  After trying a small lake near the dry one, we headed down toward our grandparent’s old stomping ground where we camped at Red’s Fish Camp and enjoyed watching Bald Eagles and sunsets with boats of old fishermen with cane poles.   At least that is what my Kodachrome slides show, I don’t remember any of that.

I do remember having a great deal of fun with Danny on that trip.  I had hoped to recreate those during retirement but life has its own plans.  So with sadness….



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