Greenbo in the spring

Greenbo in the spring

With a bit of a break from the rain, I returned to Greenbo for exercise and found green everywhere.  It was a beautiful spring morning.

I met several folks on the trail, the first being a couple of fellows hiking the Michael Tygart Trail and had a conversation on how mixed use presents its own issues such as horse riding when the trails are a bit too wet for anything except foot travel.

About mid-ride, I came across a member of the bike club who was doing a solo ride while looking for snakes and such.  While following the photography of naturalists, I’ve found the term botanizing to be a fairly common description of going out to look for plants and wildflowers.  That’s mainly what I do when on the bike trails.  Now, I’ve found that herpetologists do a similar thing, would that be called herpetolozing?  She had not been successful, which suits me fine but we did have a great conversation about the personality of snakes, dogs who chase bikes, and a number of other things.

On down the trail, I came upon a group of horse riders.  Now horses and bikes don’t mix very well, so I pull well off to one side and waited.  It was a friendly group, mostly women it seemed.  The lead lady says the last horse does not like bikes, so when it came by I wasn’t surprised to find the rider (also a woman) leading it on foot.  It was a beautiful horse and made eye contact with me much like a thoroughbred at Keeneland would do as it is led through the pre-race display in front of the crowd.  This was an intelligent horse and I could see fear in his eyes.

The lady says “He’s a new boy, just learning…he’s 3 years old..”  On down the trail he was led, all the time keeping his neck twisted to watch me.  When I made a move, I thought he was going to bolt on her and she calmed him down.

It’s always an interesting time at Greenbo, especially on weekends when I encounter civilians.  hahaha!