2016 in Review, image 1

2016 in Review, image 1

I’ll present a few collage images from 2016 that I like.

On the top is the portrait of Tom at the OVCC, I think two of the great lenses of all times must be the Fuji 90mm F2 on a crop frame camera and the Canon 135 F2 on a full frame, both shot wide open.  Some take exception to that opinion, but I’ve always loved a lens that has personality.  You buy a camera but the lens makes the photos for you.

2nd Row from the left is a recent image I shot with David Roark while on a nice hike at our local state park, Greenbo Lake.  Also a Fuji image, the muted color represented the feel of the day quite well.  I love the park on a rainy or snowy day.

To the right of this is the downtown sidewalk scene in the rain, photographed with the Android phone and rendered in the painting app Prisma.  Toward the end of the year, I became addicted to that app and could have put all my images through it.

To the next right is a Pink Lady’s Slipper that I found on the trail at Greenbo during the late spring.  When it first started coming up, I was intrigued with what it could possibly be.  I made several bike trips on the trail, hoping to find out before the deer dined on it.  The location was high on a ridge and only a few miles away, but I still made a few extra trips to catch it just right.

On the far right of the 2nd Row is a high contrast photo of power lines, shot from a moving car on our way for a family pizza dinner at Portsmouth Ohio.  I love to shoot from a moving car because the scenes and perspective are both unlike you can usually find.

Bottom row left is Brian’s leaf, something I picked up in the yard of a coworker while on a bike ride and stopping for a brief visit.  I don’t think he saw the beauty in it, nor does he still.  But I loved it.

2nd image on the bottom row is my fat tire bicycle on the trail at Greenbo early in 2016, an Android phone photo.  My fat tire bike took me along these trails a lot this year and if you followed my photography then you probably grew tired of bike portraits. My style of photography is to photograph what you see that might be interesting, so here you have it.

3rd on the bottom row is the sunset photograph from downtown Huntington, a Fuji jpg image.  Fuji cameras might be more difficult to operate but their jpg images can be beautiful, allowing you to use settings that provide the look of their old film images.  I’ve never had more fun with any other camera brand.  This sunset image was one that I used as an example to my son when saying that often a bad thing can provide something good if you only look around a bit.  After dinner with a friend, his car battery was dead.  We were fortunate that some fellows offered to jump start the car for us, as they were getting into position I spied this nice sunset.

Bottom row on the far right is a GoPro photo of Bob on a walk.  Bicycling helped improve my health this past year, however more than that it provided quite a few nice conversations and friendships along the way.