University of Kentucky Art Museum

The UK art museum has a large exhibit of photographs by the late Ralph Eugene Meatyard, something that probably has never happened before.  Meatyard had a strange way of seeing the world and his photographs show that.

They are loosely divided into groupings such as his mask photos, interiors, exteriors, and the doll photographs.  I found the exhibit very enjoyable, if you are used to only enjoying landscape or waterfall photographs, these may not be for your.  With an open mind about art photography, however, they show an approach that is refreshingly different.

Meatyard was a member of the Lexington Camera Club way back when the camera club movement was popular and thriving.

Foggy morning

Another shot from earlier, a front yard view. The conversion of this blog went pretty well with just a few hiccups, mainly an annoying format problem where a slash was inserted before apostrophes. We aren’t there yet but it’s coming along.

Look at the post for April 9th of this year for the same scene in cold weather.

at the pottery supply house

at the pottery supply house

Another anniversary month is passing for this blog, it has been 14 years now.

Here is another shot of a life size pottery piece I photographed a few years ago.  Last month, I believe, we were in Lexington and picked up some clay and I had quite a wait, which is a good thing.  Always happy to see small businesses thrive and that lends time to explore with the camera.


David climbing into Ironton

David climbing into Ironton

A special effects image from doodling on my phone when I had some time to pass, a double exposure of two older images:  David climbing a hill on a hiking trip on top of an image of an alley in Ironton, Ohio.  Then converted to a digital painting.