from the vegetable garden

from the vegetable garden

The house swallow family returned again this year to occupy the bluebird house that overlooks the garden.  The young are about ready to leave the nest.  Always on guard, the father is nonetheless pretty tame or brave- difficult to tell the difference.  He does get upset and dives at you if you open the box up.




from the wildflower garden

from the wildflower garden
I\’m raising a small vegetable garden this year.  The plot next to it had been a wildflower garden sowed by my father in years past.  Without any encouragement, it has flourished much better than the vegetables seem to be doing.  I\’m not sure what this bug is, but it made a nice picture.

Warming up on the porch

Warming up on the porch

From the Book of Lessons Learned from a Dog:  bark only when necessary, endure struggles with less noise, fewer words.  Watch, observe, and work quietly.


 Like Snow

Suppose we did our work
like the snow, quietly, quietly,
leaving nothing out.

 Wendell Berry


Dad\’s Birds

Dad\'s Birds

My father put up a new bluebird house this year and a pair of Tree Swallows quickly set up housekeeping.  I\’ve photographed these swallows a few times over the years, they seem to always be a very willing subject.

"I\’m in a strange, wondrous, and improbable land
called \’California\’. It\’s like little I\’ve ever seen.  The
people are like Americans, only thinner….."

An excerpt from an entry at The Online Photographer
by Mike Johnston



Mockingbird on porch

Mockingbird on porch

This mockingbird picture was made through a window, one of those low-e panes of glass that has a soft tint to it.  Saul Leiter (examples here) was a fan of shooting through glass and have always liked the effect, though I can understand other opinions.  You have to play with the contrast a bit to pull it off, this one also is blended about 30% with a black and white version that desaturated it some and maintained a lifelike coloring somewhat.

If reincarnation actually happens, as I doubt it does, I once thought I\’d like to come back as a Mockingbird.  Up early and singing away. Ruler of the neighborhood and all that.  But I don\’t think I\’d like to be that aggravated all the time, these birds always seem to be upset. 

Lots of flood warnings today, I might take an excursion for photos.


Sometimes it is fun to spend economically.
Of course, economic spending is not intended
to save money, but is a practice of ethics.

Shopgirl: A Novella
by Steve Martin